Super 1337 Work

Ok, I install these new physics.
Is it possible to restore old saved models to normal view, with these phys.?

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People who rate it “Dumb”. It would be better if you helped with my question and gave advice

Wat the hell is it?

Something about the quality of the picture is just so smooth and lovely.

Just delete the .phy files that came with the file meaning you go to where you install the Gmod files and find the .phy files for the models and then just delete them. The TF2 models should be back to normal.

Nah. I want this new physic, and I have first version of this new physic. But after installing second one, this shit happened. But I already figured out the problem. It was enough to use duplicator and make a dupe of pose.

Зачем исправлять? Так гораздо лучше.

That foot.