(Super)admins wanted

Hello FP’ers,

A month or two ago, a friend of mine and I have started renting a GMOD server to use for development. We’re both into (game) development. Sadly we’ve found our time for GMOD has been fewer than expected. We have several thousands of subscribers to our DarkRP-oriented add-ons and although we only use our server incidentally (testing mods, usually at midnight), we would be happy to lend our server to anyone whom wants to raise a community on it.

It’s a trade-off based on trust and mutual interest. You’ll be running on our DarkRP set-up, and no we won’t install a thousand gigabytes of crap mods. You’ll be granted the rights to run the gav and mess about as much as you like within decency. There is no grand gain for either of us, aside from the donation we intend to collect for upkeeping server rent. We’re still working on our donation plan.

We’re both easy going people and we don’t mind a bit of fun at times. All we ask is for you to be 18+ (I’m sorry, YES there is fair teens around but this is just our preference), and somewhat creditable in your communal reputation.

You won’t have to do any of the hard work crap, but all you gotta do is be around. Ask your friends to come around and see if you can get the server populated a little. Upon implementation of donation system, we can talk about your share of the innings.

Don’t reply if you feel you need to prove you’re none-the-less mature despite being younger than 18. The same if you wish to make clear you may as well rent your own, go ahead and do it but don’t clog this thread.

If you’re interested in making this server the new home for your friends, clan or community do reply or preferably shoot me a message on Steam