Super Awesome Ninja Lethal Viper Assassin kills a Businessman in his car AT HIGH SPEED'd.jpg

Damn it, I really need to start working on The Story of Evan sometime :stuck_out_tongue:

Fun fact: It was supposed to be Nick in the car first, to resemble Bill from Kill Bill, but then his hair got fucked up.

And oh, don’t forget artistics if you like!

Needs more catsuit.

However, great picture.

Thats cool!

Poor Louis :saddowns:

How did you get the gun slammer to go back?

Look for L4D2 modified weapons by BlooCobalt

It has that pistol in the pack and one it’s bodygroups has the hammer cocked back.

Zeraxify, you’re amazing at making cool thread titles.

Oh and nice picture Zerax my only problem is that there should be glass breaking on the windshield since she is firing a bullet DID just go through it.


Broke my automerge!

Uh, there is. Look closer, what might look like smoke is actually glass :buddy:

Oh, I see rate me dumbs. I did think that was smoke for a second. But great picture and that glass does look nice.

Everything except the blood is nice. There is also no wound. Try to blur the blood a bit. Also, in this pic, it looks like he did not get shot yet, so i’d prefer no wound/blood at all :3

Good work anyways.

Needs ninja masks :ninja:

Yea, the blood could use some blur, but otherwise it’s very cool looking. I really like that muzzleflash.

The only other issue is that the isolation around Zoey looks a little jaggy, like you have low AA.

Yeah, the blood could use some blur :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up with her left arm? It looks a bit distorted. Otherwise, it’s all-around awesome.


I was expecting a CL4P-TP.

Nice flash and glass effects. The blood looks a bit suspended though and the choice of model as Zoey is a bit odd.

Why not? Stir things up a bit :smiley:

Pretty good, but needs more Rochelle getting shot.