super ballin dods backgrounds

click for full view like a true american patriot

They all seem very bland, or boring

Most of them are empty, but nice blur and perspective.

Those are beoutiful, nice camera angle. Kinda empty, but it has to be, am i right ? Have an Artistic

I really like the last one

Nice lighting in all of them.

Lighting is really nice in all of them and the camera angles are superb. The blur feels a little excessive sometimes but overall it adds to the atmosphere well.

Ever tried taking photos with a real camera? :v:
The blur should actually be stronger imo, but they are still very nice.

Since when were we talking about realism? The pictures should be in black and white if we’re talking about making them look like realistic photographs.

oh yeah

look at all of that grain

hell yeah grain is the shit

sorry you obviously have never taken a picture with a real camera - these are taken in broad daylight so there should be little to no dof (especially due to the high iso hence the noise) but you aren’t smart enough to know anything about photography basics so you should get out and stop talking out of your ass before you make even more of an idiot of yourself