Super Cheap VPS Hosting for Garrysmod Servers [Windows AND Linux]

Check out this shit:

16 GB Burst RAM
400GB Disk Space
6 TB Bandwidth
6 CPU Core

And that is for 20 bucks a month.

100GB Disk Space
2 TB Bandwidth
2 CPU Core

That one is 15 dollars a month, but it is windows.


Seems kinda iffy, like, the cart page you provided has different prices than their main VPS page?

Also, pretty sure I noticed some engirsh on the front page.


All of the plans are the same…

yeah that’s a bit of a red flag

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Another low price VPS host is

Although the support is utter shit usually the vps are pretty good.

What do you guys think about ovh? I’ve seen some threads about how shitty and slow they are but they seem to be a bit outdated as they were made 2006.

That’s a sale cart. (as in it’s a huge sale for it)

I might try to buy one and see what happens.

But probably not, as I already have a ramnode. (Windows KVM)

OVH/SoYouStart are extremely good quality, even some bigger communities use them such as CyberGmod. They are highly recommended.

OVH have just updated their control panel. It’s now much easier to use and it looks amazing. The services are also a 10/10 from me, never had any issues with their dedicated servers or VPS’s.

So from what website should I buy it from? It says that is only for uk residents.

SoYouStart is their sister company, it’s more for starting out communities.

Nah Kimsufi is the basic one.

So you start is more for the bigger communities. I don’t know of may gmod communities big enough to have the need to to use OVH themselves.

FastBoxes have a coupon code for 50% off, recurring

the code is: 50OFF

Cheaper is always worst unless its a good known company like NFO or OVH.