super cinematic shooting

full view

Well apart the missing fingerposing - i know these models aren’t fingerposable - It’s a great picture.

The smoke is a bit too cinematic tho, looks like it’s out a Burton movie.

GOOD edit

Oh my god, this is awesome! Rated an artistic :v:

A Tim Burton action movie? That’d be interesting…

On topic: The flash doesn’t quite sit well with me, the pictures you got look a little low res, and the smoke in front of it could be a bit thinner, but otherwise it looks real nice. I like the lighting and really like the posing.

Great! If i may ask, where did you find that FN scar model?

The muzzleflash, although not perfect, is fucking badass. The lighting is superb and the camera-angle is great. Smoke and motion-blur are also good.

Very well done.

low-res my asshole


Yes they are. Well spotted.

Okay I don’t know if you are being sarcastic, a smartass, or both.
I’m only simply asking for the links of the models.

I like the editing and the pic in general, but i feel that the guy should have another crouched beside him… He looks lonely, rather than… tactical.

there was a guy beside him but his head got shot off in another picture

Thank you :smiley:

It’s super. I like the muzzle flash too.

I didin’t like it.

Oh, then I guess I change my opinion. I don’t like it.

Sorry to be a bother…

sorry that it’s too good for you

i think he meant he did didn’t like it…