Super Crazy Contest!: In-game editor

This contest is about testing peoples skills in posing and editing, but heres the catch: YOU MUST USE IN-GAME EDITING ONLY! Any pictures that have been edited with photoshop, gimp, etc. will be disqualified.

DEADLINE: August 11th 8:pm (Pacific Time)

-You may submit a maximum of 3 pictures
-Voting will be made by me and pre-selected others
-Any editing to your picture must be made IN-GAME
-You MUST post a picture of your original (unedited) picture, unless you didn’t edit it of course
-Your picture can be about anything you want funny, or serious
-No contrast or color raping
-No previously posted pictures
-keep the photos tasteful, and original

If you suspect someone of photoshoping their picture, point it out.

Great idea. Very bad timing. With 2 other contest going around. I suggest doing this another time. But again the idea is really great. Since for the longest time I used the in-game editor, and I appreciate poses more if they can use the editor well.

This is perfect for noobs like me who can’t use any editing software at all…


Also you didn’t state any rules about old pictures or anything.

what ingame editing tools are there that are even remotely useful? color mod? pff, yeah right. what is this - 2006 sgt boden? even his pictures were pieces of shit obscured by obscene amounts of ingame contrast and darkness

Have you ever looked at Karimatrix’s stuff? He makes good shit in-game.

If you know how to use INGAME editing, you should be fine, not contrast raping and then colour rape it.

i haven’t seen him ever produce one good picture

don’t try to tell me how to use something that you’ve never even knew about until now, troll

heres my first entry, i may do another, idk. idk if this counts but pcmod wasnt working so i had to edit in the garrysmod on the computer, i hope this dosnt get disqualified. but if it does oh well.

I like that, but it somehow looks very low res.

The rules have been updated

We may let that one slide LMS_Warrior

Bah, in game editing fucks up for me.

my comp isnt really the best for gmod, i have to run it on lowest settings than save all my work and reload in highest detail to get a decently good picture. =/

This is in-game, but its the only in-game edit I have >:|

yes I know its construct THIS SCREEN IS VERY VERY OLD. just had to say.


how is this disqualified!? do you want proof
that its real heres a link to it in my x-fire gallery- you cant put photoshoped images on an x-fire gallery because of the system. SO MY ENTRY IS CLEAN :smiley:
and here is a list of the in-game shaders I used
1.Red bloom
2.Snowday bloom
If this was a photoshop then why is chuck’s gun red! I would have fixed that if it was a photoshoped image.

Picture Discription:A convoy of Panzers meet with a convoy of Shermans and a Willy, and the Allies get destroyed.

No its an old picture.

Direct link
No post-processing and turrets

Not good at ingame editing… but meh, gave it a try.

My second entry, I like the first one better but this one has more downloads. So I thought other people would like it better. idk