Super Crossing The Street Adventure!

**Our friend Phillip J. Winklebottom is facing a terrible dilemma! He is going to go to the store, but he doesn’t have a car! So, he decides to cross the street! You must lead him across it or else something bad might happen or not!

What will PJW do?**

I was expecting a real comic.:saddowns:

Is this a comic where he doesn’t know how to walk, we need to teach him how to, he starts to walk across the street, he gets hit by a car, he goes to the hospital, he needs to pay off his debt, he finally gets to the store, he doesn’t have any cash, he gets cash, the store gets held up by robbers, he saves the day, gets milk, and finds out his house burnt down 5 weeks ago.

No… but the ‘hit by car’ thing is likely.

Pjw will cross the road!


Feeling confident, you flollop across the street, oblivious to all outside contact. Life is too good to worry!

Your pelvis, spine, and feelings are crushed by an immense truck coming in from the right.

Try again?


The miniscule effect is ruined since stan totally called it. :saddowns:

There’s only one answer to this problem



MASTURBATION! That’s the answer!

Unfortunately, your arm is experiencing too much discomfort to move into position for masturbatory maneuvers. Shortly thereafter, you bleed out.

Sorry for the shit text. Turns out, Gimp doesn’t have a good selection of fonts.

Head to the local spacecenter to get your ordinary everyday “JEHCT PAC ™ (No corporate affliations with JETT PACH or JET PAX)”

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Head to the local spacecenter to get your ordinary everyday “JEHCT PAC ™ (No corporate affiliations with JETT PACH or JET PAX)”

Look to your left and right to see if there are vehicles headed your way that will hurt your feelings. If not, happily flollop across the street.

** You look in both directions before flollopping across the street.

The road was crossed successfully!

You journey to the store, in hopes of finding stuff that might keep things from happening to you.

You find a badly-posed security robot with shoddy speech bubbles

Let the shopping begin!

Socketed maces can be fitted with filled/charged containers/gems/lights.

You are in possession of exactly $1500.**

Buy paper pile, needles, a kettle, hygiene set, a liquid container, and light emitters.

Using the light emitters ignite the paper pile, then proceed to fill kettle with hydrogen peroxide that was contained in the hygiene set. Position the kettle over the flame. Once brought to a boil, add toothpaste and allow it to dissolve completely. Remove from heat and allow the mixture to cool, skim any debris that has collected from the top of the mixture. Filter the solution through your denim jeans into the liquid container to remove any particles missed. Use needles to inject it anywhere on your persons. PJW is now high as fuck.

Total cost: $****376

I know HOW LONG it will last :v: