Super Decay Glitch Back in Seattle- Worse than before

Started about 30 minutes ago. I wasn’t aware that decay now affects foundations that are surrounded by others. Previously it only happened to the outermost edge of foundations that didn’t touch other things. One other thing to note is that it is still impossible to repair many of the foundations that decay- rooms that are blocked off, landlocked, or covered with certain things like signs. Some foundations have decayed 30 or so in the last 30 minutes. some foundations were already missing, indicating at least 500 in the center of the base. At this rate, with the inner foundations decaying, all bases will be gone by the morning.

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my metal foundations are down 100-200 on average since this started. I will have to assign fireguard duty tonight.

It’s not a glitch. Decay is being tested right now. Other threads are complaining that the building limit has been reached on the Seattle server. This is the best option to fix that, short of a full wipe.

Garry should make so instead of foundation the cupboard decays. And if not fixed, building will go up for grabs. If no one takes it, it will decay.

I would like that quite a bit.

On the other hand it is quite fun finding all those bases with missing foundations. Also, I’ve been building bases on stilts so when this happens my base just stays floating in the air.

Are you a DEV?

Helk got on our server last time when this happened and said that its not normal, it is a glitch, and it wasn’t supposed to happen. Unless I hear from somewhere else from someone credible, I am going to take one of the DEV’s word for it that it is a glitch. Maybe everyone missed this but I was there, as were many other people when he said this.

I have faith in the dev team that they wouldn’t think that giving us 10000% decay was a best option scenario. Turning it up a little yes of course. Scaling decay with server population or with particle limits- also very good options. Having a run away decay system once the server is full is not the “best” option.

That said, I am not getting on here to whine about it- everyone is aware how this affect server playability ( and yes Frank, grabbing everything out of bases abandoned an hour ago). I was merely reporting that it was happening again as soon as I noticed it.

What I have noticed is that triangular foundations decay regardless of location (Although inners ones seem to decay at a slower rate). Each day when I go to repair, the outer stone ones are down to 490-495 while the inner is 499. Square foundations that are surrounded remain at max for me.

Whoops, my mistake. I assumed you were over exaggerating, as otherwise it sounds very like what happened just before the last wipe.

YES! Same here. Seems as though the square foundations treat the triangles as if they aren’t there.

@Ferro… you are right- it is the exact same thing as last time. What I wouldn’t give to have taken that screen shot though. Sorry, I had a ton of people message me on steam telling me that the devs just did it again.

I suggest a wipe for today! Here is why- we would be on schedule to do a forced wipe two weeks from now. With the server glitch, people might not get back on. I’m pretty sure if people know they have 2 weeks until the next wipe, there will be no shortage of players testing things out. 2 more weeks on the same server where everything decayed crazy fast, no one will want to get back on and try to salvage their stuff.