Super DoF screenshots turn out as white images

I’ve recently been using the Super DoF post processing tool to take screenshots. I have to admit, the end product usually turns out quite nice. But recently, I click on the “Save Screenshot” option, and it just saves as a 800x600 blank image. Nothing is on it except white space.

If anyone knows what’s going on with this, please tell me. If it helps, The screenshot was a scene build on gm_construct, so it contained a whole bunch of foliage and such. Thanks.

Huh? Use another program, it should do it. Most people prefer fraps.

How can you use Fraps with Super DoF though, other than hiding the menu through the consoles?

The simple and old method:

  1. Click the Print Screen button on your keyboard (this will copy the screen into the memory, waiting for you)
  2. Open mspaint
  3. In paint, hold CTRL and click V.
  4. Save the image, using your preferred format.

The SDOF settings will not disappear when you take a screenshot with Fraps or using the Print Screen button.

Damn mistake - ignore this post