Super DoF test 1

Could have been better if it was longer.

It’s a test .-.

that looks nice i guess is should give it a go on my videos to improve the aesthetics. thanks max.

What is the significance of Super DoF? It looks great, but could someone give me a couple examples in
where it would be excellent to be used. I like it, I just dont know how I would incorporate it, anyone care
to elaborate?

it basically simulates how a real camera works

If im catching on correctly, do you mean something like this video.


another person converted to using super DOF by max…

Also I love the tool, its really great.

How exactly was this done?

The video itself is amazing.

it’s using an addon created by Hurricaaane which basically makes the standard Super Depth of Field used in screenshots usable at runtime. Obviously, it’s a very slow process