Super DoF Test

This is just a test but if you want to rate, you’re free to do it!

Also if you want to post your super dof pics feel free to do it…

more like simple DoF

You didn’t render the SDoF…

The posing itself is very bland… he is completely emotionless and is standing in a very odd position to be shooting…

To be completely blunt… the posing on the dead guys looks better than the guy with the gun.

Sorry i forget about rendering

oh, and also the photo is not for the pose, i was testing the Super DoF facepalm

The super DoF works better with machinmas.

Hope you like it!

:Dawkins102: Christ…

why? why? what’s the problem now?!?!?!?

A tip when using super dof If you are not aware. Left click on the part of the picture you want in focus. And make sure the dof isn’t to strong as in the above picture.

Sometimes it is necessary with manual focus adjustments as well. Depending on the map.
Also don’t forget to render. I usually take several screens, then decides what looks best.

How long did it take you to think of that, it seems like its supposed to be funny, but it’s so atrocious that it can’t even be taken seriously, I feel bad for you now, you may not want to attract such attention to yourself at this stage before you start to improve, you don’t have to make a fast thread for this, there is another place where you can put your screenshots up for now without so much negativity, people expect content here to be thread worthy and that means that it has a thread made about it because it’s good enough for a thread, it deserves it, I suggest you lay low here until you start to improve.
that is all.
“want to post but don’t want to make a thread” thread.

Ok thanks!


This thread is supposed to be for SDoF tests, you can’t understand that?

The photo dosn’t have to be great just wanted to try the bloody SDoF!!!