Super Ellis OR Super 2fort brawl 64 (recycled ragdolls)

Collaboration Posez with Enth(known as neckbeard on these parts)

Super Ellis
Info: I posed the ellis ragdoll for some other reason and Enth moved his ragdolls on top of it, and it really fits in my professional opinion.

different angle

Now you may be asking what kind of pose was Enth making with those 2 ragdolls, well now you are…

credit goes to him for his realistic sex pose

Super 2fort brawl 64

Yes, those ragdolls should look familiar, because someone not naming any names here accidentally unfroze everything and thus a new idea was born
alt version with nick standing there*

Bonus scene!!

I host servers every so often with the main goal of collab poses, so if you would like to join me add on me steam (you can pose with the likes of me!!)

These are Garry’s Mod main screen quality images.

you only say that because you helped make them!

It’s true.

definitely desktop quality images

and family friendly!

Weenurs is not amused. :<

We have a special place for these kinds of poses.

these arent troll poses

I actually set this as my desktop background.

It doesn’t quite fit but oh well it’s still the best.

hey cool it’s mine too!

where is the troll pose thread again?

you make the best troll poses that look good
should’v added bill though

wtf is a troll pose this is serious

if you know what troll means it means stupid person
troll pose means a stupid pose like dog flailing his arms around or sonic humping gman’s head randomly but they can still be funny or good poses

what im saying is this is a funny troll pose and i like it

This is pretty damn good.
Enth could have done better if you’d just let him take over completely.

well literally the only thing i did was pose ellis


and tbh ellis is posed p damn good

am i the only one who think those are troll poses with no hard work or talent in them?

yea because i didn’t spend 5 minutes faceposing ellis
and 5 minutes making him look realisticly flying even though that’s impossible because flying people is impossible


I assure you the sweat of my brow goes into all of my poses

Thanks. :h:

ok enth go make some poses