Super Exciting Garry's Mod Gameplay 4

Wasnt funny.

TBH 3/4 of the video is micspamming the same song, 1/4 is micspamming something different.

Nothing like turning Fraps on and going onto a random server and filming, and you will most of the time find something interesting. I think that’s what makes Gmod better than other games out there.

Well, that was pretty repetitive and boring.

No not really. It shows people what garry’s mod is about.

1080p whoo! Great movie.

It’s a person playing a song over a microphone. You can do that in any game with voice communication.

It’s weird to think that with all the ingenuity and contraptions that have been made in GMod over the years, you think what should be shown to represent GMod is someone standing round playing crappy music.

I agree. There are better ways to advertise GMOD. This isn’t artful in any way. I don’t see the point pf playing music over a microphone, why would you do that? Just import it into your Windows Movie maker. How can you have a screen recorder but not know how to implement music properly into oyur movie?