super fast decay

Maybe give people warnings. scrubs running around robbing everyones shit. Just wipe assholes…


@Washington official server basically set decay rate to 10x at 4 am today tldr (everyones bases went “poof”) and a good chunk of people said fuck it and quit no roll back nothing # rip Washington player pop

Decay is ridiculous, makes this game a retarded grind. Everytime u connect i gotta gather and repair for 30mins thats 30 mins lost of my game time. I can only play at max 3 hours daily. Maybe more on weekends

Official Servers are garbage. Find a different server.

Rust has officially “Jumped the Shark” - as in the episode of Happy Days where Henry Winkler (The Fonz) literally jumps a shark on water-ski’s which marked the moment that made the show/game stupid, pointless, and irrevocably dumb decision that turned the original vision into something that is just comical to the point that the show can never be taken seriously again.

DayZ hit this point almost a year ago, and now Rust has hit the same point.

Garry Newman and Dean “Rocket” Hall have basically the same qualities… where as the “original” vision is intriguing and game-changing, and the community gets excited and hyped for this new and original game-play. Then they go and complicate the experience by listening TOO CLOSELY to the player-base and start implementing stuff that makes no real sense game-play wise (in my opinion, such as quarries, pump jacks, refineries, etc)… the thing that make Rust Legacy so much fun was the absurdedness of it… you could build a structure that completely and utterly broke the laws of physics and that was FUN AS HELL!!! If I wanted to be constricted by stupid stuff like gravity/stability, I would become a carpenter in real life. The original appeal of rust was rapid building and rapid raiding of structures that were both completely unfeasible and unrealistic.

If you want a realistic raiding experience of a modern building, try SWAT 4 from Sierra Games… which demonstrates realistic raiding techniques as of 2004… Rust and Realism have very little in common, but not so little in common that Rust is truly a Sci-Fi game where no common sense applies… Legacy Rust hit that fine line between Sci-Fi and Simulator perfectly.

I haven’t had an adrenaline rush in the new Rust at all since it went live, where as the legacy Rust gave me plenty of adrenaline fueled moments… and I haven’t had ANY fun building in the new version with the stability/decay.

Also, while I understand that “Wood Shelters” as they were in Legacy were gamebreaking in the sense that they were far too cheap to be fair, but their placement options (on rocks, between cracks, on steep hills) made them muuuch easier to blend into the landscape that the current rigid and forbidding system permits.

Modern Rust has superior crafting and graphics, but in terms of actual first-person game-play and raw fun, I feel like its been a step downwards in terms of fun for your casual to semi-casual player base, where only the most dedicated (and subsequently people with toooons of free time) are the ones who win by default.

This is the Catch-22 of modern gaming, is that people with jobs/obligations typically suffer to those who have no jobs/obligations…

This makes me wonder if there is an ethical way to limit the amount of time that anyone is allowed to play without them feeling “robbed”… since if I buy a game, I should be allowed to play it as much as I want.

You wasted time writing that garbage then complain you don’t have enough time on rust. Did it occur to you that quick raiding and building isn’t what most people are looking for, and to be honest it’s still very quick if you have your blueprints already learned.

I’d suggest you play on a modded server with fast gathering/crafting. Then you can build fast and raid fast. The real issue with modern gaming is laziness, everything’s a grind for the modern gamers. People have to be handed everything which leads to serve dumbing down of most games.

Having floating bases is obnoxious and I personally avoid servers that have turned off stability.

I talked to someone who had their own server and turned off stability and decay. It was filled with floating and abandoned bases all over the map.

People complained of lag, of being shot from the sky, of it being “no fair” because of the unraidable bases, and on and on and on.

I don’t have a lot of time to play everyday so I chose a low pop server for that reason. It’s been a week and a half and my base is still standing, I’ve raided, and I’ve had some PVP as well.

For a constantly changing game, I like it.