Super Giant Futuristic Hot rod Bike

Well, as the title says, this is a big bike, mainly built for races.
Second contraption I make, Wire steering, suspension + parented body. And no, Im not going to dupe it. Jus´ no time for that.
It started being this:

And finally transformed into this:

I liked More the old design, but the hell with thaatm maybe one day I do it again. Hope you like this.

Good job

Excellent job.

cool truck


I like the last one best, but try to make them smaller :geno:

I like big Stuff ^^

That’s what she said :fuckyou: :fuckyou: :fuckyou: :fuckyou:

no, but really. They are huge :geno:

Yeah, I ll try to improve that. However This time I had the intention of making them big, as the Drag wheels are that, Big.

This made me think of the Terran Vulture