Super glossy

Hi guys, I’m working on this high-res combine apc skin but everytime I test my normal map it gets super glossy! I’ve checked the alpha in both the skins and they look like they should! Any ideas?

Also, here’s a WIP of the skin for those of you who are curious!

Phong map works the other way around - White means no phong and black means a lot of phong.

Invert the map and see if it works better

I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

It worked! Looks pretty good I think, the normal map is abit excessive and it has some bugs but other than that, pretty nice!

That looks pretty slick. I suppose you wouldn’t put up a dl link would you?

I doubt it because it’s not finished

I will when it’s done! :slight_smile:

Here’s an update on it, so far I’ve done the roof, the side and the door.

It’s the awesome scratches :smiley:

The scratches make it look like stone, rather than metal.

Looks like you used the basetexture to make the normal, which is not good. Also is that texture by all chance from GCtextures?

It needs less scratches and weaker normal. It doesn’t look too good otherwise.

All the textures are made from scratch on a grey color. Also, it’s almost done, I’m just finishing up the final pieces and tuning. I’ll make a WiP thread before I release it to see what you think and want changed.

How it starts

How it looks finished

Be patient.

Even though the textures are made from scratch I did them ontop of the original canvas to see whats what.

Yeah I agree with Jaanus, look like someone took to the thing with a revolving axe or something :v:

Sexy Car :3