Super glowing eye squad meets fearsome stealthy paper bag



Posing by Rick_Vice

You must not forget paper bag’s comrade, Solid Backpack!

I didn’t expect you’d use my title :v:

Pretty sweet work.


The title made my day so far. Thanks for that, Kali.
I like the glowing eyes.

Looks sorta like those Enhanced combine someone made a pic of not too long ago.

I think they are.

I know this might sound dumb of me, but why does the guy on the right have his flashlight on while the guy in the middle does not? Is the guy to the right searching for something in broad daylight? Or is he paranoid?

It looks good, anyway.

IED in the paper bag :theonewherethelittlefacelooksworried:

That’s one hell of a cannon back there.



I neeed them.

:ohdear: ?

: ohdear :

“I don’t even have any arms!”
“That’s what makes you so stealthy”

Kali, not Kari :saddowns:

Fuck, sorry 'bout that.

I don’t know, perhaps he didn’t want to blind his squad mates, whilst the combine on the right was taking orders from the officer behind him? Who knows?

AErhksetjbfs enrtb srj I missed this!

<3 Jizzy editing as always Haxxer.