Super Gravity Gun in Garrysmod!

Could someone here who is skilled enough make Super Gravity Gun for Gmod?! I’ve been waiting for quite long now but nothing is up yet… Ye ye I know what you are thinking, do it yourself ahole, but sorry im not good enough or smart enought. So please anyone make one… And I mean like a detailed and good one… Like and exact copy… I hope you all know how it looks like and behaves like… Please anyone do it! :open_mouth:

Call me dumb, but cant you just recieve it from the console with the right command?

give weapon_supergravgun

It doesn’t actually work though I believe.

That doesnt work goddamnit I’ve tried it… I’ve tried every command known to man. I am pretty sure this is it

i have this! ^

You’re an angry man…they’re just trying to help.

I like that, but its not what gordon uses in HL2 and EP1. When i try to pull an NPC towards me, it just dies and goes limp. And, the lightning bolt that comes out one primary fire is Semi auto, instead of full auto, and and doesnt desentigrate the npc, is just kills it and flings it. Its a good try though.

I wonder why garry didn’t make it.