Super Health PPL

Ok, so!
When I first got gmod I thought it was funny. But now its just dumb!
Some of the NPCs have an extraordinary large amount of health.
Gman- Takes 5 shots w the Shoop da woop gun 2 kill him.
Dr.Breen- 3 shoops
Eli- 3 shoops
Dog- 10 shoops (which kinda makes sense cuz Dog is a BEAST!)

So… whats with that? I thought it was a glitch but nobody seems to want to fix it.

Edit: O also there is one of the Citizens that are like Dog… its the male with the beard in the blu suit.

because these NPCs aren’t meant to be killed in HL2…?

Then again, you can’t really expect a person using the “Shoop da woop gun” to apply logic like that.


It is also impossible to kill GMan with a pistol.

I was using it as an example of a really really strong weapon. Which it is… its like a little mini nuke… lazor… thing.

Its like this in HL2 too, but there you cant actually kill them at all(or can you?). They are not meant to be killed in HL2 so they got a ridiculus amount of health

Which is Teta_Bonita’s Strider Cannon with different sounds and no credits.

breen died from 1 shot from everygun

unless you hit him in the feet or something

Yes you can. You need to rapidfire though

I know that at least some of these characters have regenerating health.

Throwing a CS Knife or melee weapon derived from the CS Knife seems to 1 shot almost any NPC. Doesn’t seem to work on obvious ones like DOG, the Cyberdemon that comes with the Doom weapon pack and a few others.

Backstabbing with the Spy Knife from the TF2 weapon pack seems to 1 shot almost everything as well. Most NPCs turn around pretty fast though.

The pistol is the most powerful “included” gun, fact.

Now hold on! I can kill Dr. Breen quick and easy with just a pistol.

Gman, mossman, and I think eli can only be killed with SMG

Givecurrentammo :fsmug:

Gman actually has 8HP that regen every 0.1 second.

Long Explanation for all stuff:

Those NPC’s Have huge amount of Health because they aren’t meant to be killed in the game.
Garry Newman should edit their HP amount but it looks like hes too lazy to do it.
All the “Easter Eggs” you find from Hl2 maps like some Rooms that you need to no-clip inside,
are just made to make the map work. If there wouldn’t be those, Like the room wheres speaking Dr.Breens torso, Is the one you can see in the trainstation on the game’s start, There wouldn’t be any speaking Breen on the Screen.
Only REAL easter eggs that you could find are in HL2 Beta, Like Dancing Metropolices in some random Room.
Don’t Put videos in you tube about Game maps where you find some epic rooms whit noclip. Its real Video Spamming, Reminder: Those rooms are for the map to work.

thats doesnt sound right…
cuz if u shooscht him enough he will die with the pistol… just takes waaaay 2 long.

Use the sk_ commands in the console.