Super Hero Death Match (dm)

This is a simple gamemode. you come in, select a hero, and battle other players as that hero. It is based on an under appreciated gamemode called OnsaughtEvolved. You may recognize the menu system or the base of the HUD. you have 2 minutes to place a spawn point and make an ammo crate (more from ose) then the battle begins. i customized a rank system to work like the one in ose, but not the same. as you level up you can do things other people can’t, like noclip. you are awarded money at the end of each fifteen minute round. you use this money to buy ammo and kill each other. if you leave for fifteen minutes, your money will be reset, but kills will be saved, for rank.

Heroes include
The Flash
-Has Fast Walk Speed.
-has a Shotgun, might add more later
-a weapon that allows him to sling
Brotherhood Pyro (from Xmen)
-Flame Thrower
-assassin’s knife (goes invisable)
Samurai Jack
-high jump
-fast speed (flash is faster)
The Punisher
-css dual ellites
-climb swep
-Headcrab pill

As far as mapping goes, any map will work. i am going to use css maps until a mapper decides to make one. the basics for maps, since it’s free for all, is that everyone spawns somewhat away from eachother. reason being is you have to level up a bit before you can place your spawn point

There should be very little to no lag, because there are no npcs, and no tools, and no props, since its a DM

the server’s IP is

i may release this to the public if it gets popular enough

I give 35% credit to conman420 for making the OSE gamemode

please, if you find bugs, let me know. if you don’t like it, please let me know why.

Since when does batman use a shotgun?

This looks cool. I tried to get on the server but the material onslaught/helpmenu.vtf wont download properly. I’ll try again.


Nope, still fails. Also, from your description it looks as if this would be more fun if you jazzed it up a bit. Eg. add more powers like forcefeilds or electric powers.

Always, always. Lol what else would I give him?

Unfortunately ATM the server is experiencing a pvp glitch. I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible

Batman can glide with batwings and throw bat boomerangs that return to the thrower?

Sounds interesting, can you script something like that?

Batman also doesn’t use guns because someone shot his parents or something. At least, I think that was batman… So, you know, giving him a shotgun is a bit wrong but meh.

it fits his character though. hes a big guy with power. i agree, but most heroes are like that, and it would kinda take the fun out of the game if there was only melee. if someone would like to script ranged sweps that aren’t guns for batman, spiderman, and the flash, that would be awesome. by reading this you could probably tell that i am not a good swep scripter.

---- other note. i am changing Headcrab to also have a pigeon pill. if you have a quick snappy name for this hero, feel free to post it

---- another note. i am still looking for someone who would like to map for this


– yet another note–
i just found a way to make this a bit like fort wars. during the first phase you will be able to build a destructible base. you use your money, buying the props. when the battle phase starts your opponents can destroy this base you have created, and watch out, so can you. you won’t have enough to build an amazingly unbeatable base. only a few props here and there.

if you like this let me know, because i am not sure i want to include this, it doesn’t really match with the rest of the gamemode, but it’s fun.


i added a vote kick system where any1 can type !votekick <playername> and the player will be kicked. this is here to prevent minges when an admin is not online


ive made some changes, try again


i have to restart from a while back now. could be a week before its functional

ill be sure to add some cool new stuff so its worth it xD

sorry about this

Due to 1337 HAX my comp got a virus, and i dont want to start that from scratch again, so this is the end

If you can dream it, you can make it. Well, usually. In this case yes.

Bat sweps.

Now :v:

My dreams are always either practically or technically impossible.

wtf gordon freeman isnt in there and you call this super hero deathmatch pfft

My dreams are sexually explicit and offensive.