Super jump glitch

-snip I posted in exploits but it keeps getting put here. sorry
I can replicate this on just about every object in rust. Ive used it for some time for spotting enemies, looking for resources or getting into your 4 story home. Obviously this is going to cause problems if everyone starts doing it. So I thought it would report it.

post this on exploits/bugs section :slight_smile: this should go with the gate bug. Also i would advise you to stop doing this :stuck_out_tongue: Spoting a bug = ok. Abusing it = not cool. Not mention that if an admin saw you flying through the air like that they will insta ban you.

This is oficial server ?

I clicked on the sub forum and posted but its here. Im very aware of the sub forums I’ve been temp banned before for this issue. haha. Ya I’ve been called a hack a few times but this is in a few games where you can use textures to bounce or jump. Thats a lot to fix if they are going to. Oh and I accidentally double posted this in the sub forum but both are out here for some reason.

He’s not abusing the bug TP_MoonStar. He’s merely recording himself replicating it. He never used it to gain an advantage, therefore he didn’t abuse it.

I know he’s not that’s why i advised him to dont do it anymore. People in game and especially admins will think he’s either hacking or abusing somenthing and will ban him :P.

It’s alpha, Garry himself wants people to exploit and post the exploits so they can be fixed. If a thousand people start using this to catapult to peoples top floors and place c4, then do it again to get into the wall they broken then maybe it will get fixed next patch. Also barricades being placed on pillars needs to be fixed asap.