Super Jump Help

I am trying to get a Super Jump script to work side by side with the basic jump. I am trying to make the script use a different bind other than the jump key. I understand some LUA coding, but I am having some trouble getting it to use a different concommand. The script is as follows:

I would like the concommand to be “+s_jump.”

Thank you in advance,
Xavier Studios

What’s the problem?

Basically, I want to use this script along side the original jump. I have some mods that use the original jump. This conflicts with those. I want to be able to hold (For Example) H to charge the jump instead of use the jump key.


Waiting is not my thing…

Here you go, this works like a charm, tested er out myself!

Delete everything in cl_superjump.lua and put this in there and bind a key to +s_jump

SuperJump = {}
SuperJump.KeyDown = false
SuperJump.Active = false

function Charge()
if LocalPlayer():GetNWBool(“SuperJump”) and !LocalPlayer():InVehicle() then
concommand.Add( “+s_jump”, Charge )

function Release()
if LocalPlayer():GetNWBool(“SuperJump”) and !LocalPlayer():InVehicle() then
concommand.Add( “-s_jump”, Release )

function SuperJump.HUDPaint()
if LocalPlayer():GetNWBool(“SuperJump_HUD”) and LocalPlayer():GetNWBool(“SuperJump”) then
local Width = ScrW()/4
local Height = 25

	-- Inner Rectangle
	local CurCharge = LocalPlayer():GetNWInt("SuperJump_Charge")
	local MaxCharge = LocalPlayer():GetNWInt("SuperJump_MaxCharge")
	local PercentCharge = CurCharge / MaxCharge
	local Red = 200 - (200 * PercentCharge)
	local Green = 200 - Red
	local IWidth = Width * PercentCharge
	surface.SetDrawColor(Red, Green, 40, 150)
	surface.DrawRect(ScrW()/2-Width/2, ScrH()-Height-10, IWidth, Height)
	-- Borders
	surface.SetDrawColor(205, 205, 205, 150)
	surface.DrawOutlinedRect(ScrW()/2-Width/2, ScrH()-Height-10, Width, Height)
	surface.SetDrawColor(150, 150, 150, 100)
	surface.DrawOutlinedRect(ScrW()/2-Width/2-1, ScrH()-Height-10-1, Width+2, Height+2)

hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “SuperJump_HUDPaint”, SuperJump.HUDPaint)


There is no +s_jump concommand and it is still bound to jump.

If this is put on a dedicated server make sure it is only on the dedicated server and is not in yours or anyones addons folder, I just tested it on a listen and dedicated server and it works.

I’m just playing on singleplayer, no dedicated. I am a bit of a Machinimaker, and this would make mine way easier.