Super large structures causing lag

I have been building a very large tower (100 stories, actually puts you above the airplane) on the noPvP server and yesterday I added some foundations around it that I think finally pushed the engine to its render limits. Now my tower does not appear to a player until you are almost next to it and the doors render first and appear to be floating. This also comes with lag spikes around the structure as well. I certainly am not meaning to cause this lag nor can I remove my structures, so if the dev’s want to wipe the server or if they can, wipe me tower, they most certainly should. I guess it is a great test for what the server can handle building wise, but yea, was not intentionally trying to lag everyone in the middle of the map! :slight_smile:

And you are happy?..

I don’t know about today, but last night when I played your tower would appear when I come over the hill. Gets a little laggy for me just when the structures first appear. I’d say keep it all - that way it can serve as a test bed for optimization :wink:

FYI, it is getting worse around Lag Tower!

I think someone built a massive tower before the server got wiped and it was literally look in that direction and you won’t look back (Because of the framerate drop)

I build a massive tower in the middle of the nopvp server. Near the zombie compound that has the road through it. Needless to say, it is VERY laggy near the tower.

I think it has something to do with Unity, it’s not really made for this kind of thing, they’ll either have to improve the way it’s managed or limit the size of buildings (or probably both)

or they could implement LOD models if there isn’t.

There are LOD, when you walk to a shelter you can see it, but I don’t know what level exactly, I think the models just pop up, there are no billboards etc