Super long load times.

As the title says, horribly long loading times. Starting the game isn’t a big deal, under a minute and it’s loaded but when loading a map from a cold start it can take 5-10 minutes and when loading a map from within a map it can take 10-20 minutes and rarely 30 minutes and this is all single player mind you. It also takes about 10-20 minutes to disconnect from a Single Player server to the main menu and the whole time it’s accessing the HDD and it also crashes upon quiting the game but not before taking 20 minutes first then deciding to crash and accessing the HDD the whole damn time.

I have about 510 addons installed with rough math: 17 Subscription pages x 30 Addons per page = about 510 addons. Most of them are player models, maps, SCars, vehicles and weapons. I don’t have many Stools or LUA only addons.

This obviously isn’t a hardware problem but I’ll post my specs anyways so I don’t get answers like: “GET MOAR RAM, NOOB.”

CPU: AMD FX-4100 OC’d @ 4.1GHz (Quad Core = 2 Cores/2Threads)
RAM: 8GBs DDR3 1600MHz (2x4GBs)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 950MHz (13.6 Catalyst Drivers)
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64x

Another issue I have with GMod is that it’ll crash when downloading, updating or even moving about 89+ addons from the Steam Workshop download folder.

I went through my subscriptions to delete old or outdated addons and uninstalled them from within GMod’s Addons menu but I still get these issues. If anyone knows of any addons that can cause this, I’m all ears.

Any help would be amazing and I usually figure these things out myself but I’m about out of ideas and exhausted.

Side note: Facepunch keeps scanning my browser with Cloudflare and fucking up being able to post.