Super low framerate with super low GPU usage

I keep having this problem when I spawn a lot of entities.
The GPU usage is around 4-5% and the fps is around 2-4
The CPU sits at around 60% and the RAM at around 62%

nVidia GTS 250 1gB memory is my graphics card
EDIT: Need more info? Just ask?

That would be your processor feeling the pain of spawning a fuck load of stuff. The gpu wouldn’t be affecting your frame rate in this case.

But I mean, it only sits at like 60% and I still get this enormous amount of lag. Plus it isnt necessarily physics objects. I was playing around with the roller coaster thing and making say 15 nodes will drop me down to around 10 fps.
The processor is AMD Phenom II X2 550 @ 3.1 GHz x 2 Cores

Yeah that isn’t a good processor. But its still lagging cause you most likely have more than 250+ props colliding. Which yes would create your massive lag spike. Yeah sure that you usage isn’t fantastic infraction I would update your drivers, but spawning a lot of props and stuff would cause it.

15 props if you didnt read the other post completely
250, well yeah, id understand, but I mean 15?

Are they colliding bit time?

Um, no? If you’ve used the roller coaster Lua mod they are actually just frozen PHX spheres and a couple other things but theres no collision at all. That’s why I’m so confused.

I’m leaning towards bad lua coding. I don’t have gmod installed at this moment so I can’t really check myself.

I’m just not so sure that it’s bad lua coding. I was looking up my CPU and it doesn’t seem to be all that great but I just cant figure out why it would lag so much, considering I can do other stuff just fine. It just seems like garrys mod…