Super Mario Boxes

Changes from v1.1 to v1.2
[li] Changed gamemode folder to supermarioboxes to order properly in the server list with servers using the gamemode info dll.
[/li][li] Boxes have faces! Your mouth will smile or frown depending on health. Your eyes face your aim direction. The walk key now controls your box’s eyes being open or shut.
[/li][li] Added the tier 4 weapon: Mortar Gun. It fires a mortar that explodes on impact. The trick is that it must be alive for at least 1.75 seconds before it actually explodes. It has a larger radius but less damage than the Bazooka. The reload time is 5 seconds.
[/li][li] The Fan now will propel the user if it is underwater (the fan, not the box).
[/li][li] The Fan physics have been made much smoother and accurate.
[/li][li] Fixed not being able to click the chat box buttons.
[/li][li] Added KeyRelease hook to weapons.
[/li][li] Added GAMEMODE:AddNotify(String message, [Color color, Float length, String font]) This replaces the old fading message system.
[/li][li] Added hook GM:OnBoxRemoved(Entity box)
[/li][li] Added hook GM:OnBoxDestroyed(Entity box, Player pl, DmgInfo dmginfo)
[/li][li] Added hook GM:OnBoxCreated(Entity box, Player owner)
[/li][li] Added hook GM:PlayerReturnedCoins(Player pl, Entity box, Integer coins). Return true to not allow.
[/li][li] Added hook GM:PlayerTookCoins(Player pl, Entity box, Integer coins, Integer otherteam). Return true to not allow.
[/li][li] GM:EndGame can now be hooked.
[/li][li] GM:FlagReturned can now be hooked.
[/li][li] GM:FlagDropped can now be hooked.
[/li][li] GM:FlagCaptured can now be hooked.
[/li][li] GM:FlagPickedUp can now be hooked.
[/li][li] Upgraded I/O system to current NoXious Team Play standard.
[/li][li] Added an effect for bullet hits.
[/li][li] Added a notice for when players drop coins.
[/li][li] Added the “continuous” keyvalue (1/0) and “enablecontinuous” / “disablecontinuous” / “setcontinuous” (1/0) inputs to func_keyeater. On by default. If turned off then only the first instance of the key being pressed will be registered until the player taps their key again.
[/li][li] Slightly changed the look of the default crosshair.
[/li][li] Fixed logic_flagscored not working. The activator is now the player and the caller is the box. (!activator and !caller in Hammer)
[/li][li] Fixed func_boxhurter’s damagerecycle keyvalue not working.
[/li][li] Fixed func_keyeater’s starton keyvalue being ignored.
[/li][li] Fixed func_boxhurters starton keyvalue being ignored.
[/li][li] Fixed halfheal model not showing up.
[/li][li] Fixed player models showing up sometimes if you had the console open.
[/li][li] Fixed coins touching a boxhurter in CTC and returning double the amount of coins.
[/li][li] Added convar smb_ctf_capturestowin. Default is 3.
[/li][li] Added the Team Deathmatch game type. The point is simple: kill the enemy team more times than they kill yours. The team with the highest amount of points at the end or the team that reaches the frag limit first (controlled by smb_tdm_killstowin convar) wins.
[/li][li] Added server hook GM:TimeUp(). Game types can individually decide what to do when the time is up but the default is usually what they’d use anyway.
[/li][li] Added client hook GM:DrawTime(). return true means to not display round time.
[/li][li] Added server hook GM:PlayerKilledByPlayer(Player victim, Player attacker, Entity inflictor). All these hooks are called after points are given to (or taken from) the player so there’s no need to decide final attackers or inflictors.
[/li][li] Added server hook GM:PlayerKilledBySelf(Player victim, Entity inflictor).
[/li][li] Added server hook GM:PlayerKilledByWorld(Player victim, Player attacker, Entity inflictor).
[/li][li] Added server hook GM:PlayerGrappledObject(Player pl, Entity box, Entity projectile, Entity hitentity, Table collidedata).
[/li][li] The Fan model has been replaced with the windmill from HL2 for people without Counter-Strike: Source.
[/li][li] The Fan particles now collide with things.
[/li][li] The Minigun damage has been increased from 4 to 5 and the bullet recycle time has been increased from 0.08 seconds to 0.085 seconds.
[/li][li] Fixed a bug where moving right while in the air was slower than moving left while in the air. This bug has been out there pretty much since day 1.
[/li][li] Weapon refires are now predicted better.
[/li][li] Maps now show up in the Create server menu under “Super Mario Boxes”.
[/li][li] Much more fixes and stuff.

I’ve decided to release my Super Mario Boxes gamemode. It’s been on NoXiousNet since GMod9. This is a remade version.

Super Mario Boxes is a 2D, physics-based team combat gamemode. It’s 3D but you’re locked on the x axis.

[li]Two teams in a 2D battleground. Use the weapons and powerups or stomp on their head to defeat other players. Complete the objectives for whatever gametype you’re on. Currently there is Capture the Flag and Coin Collector.
[/li][li]Easy to learn. Just join and play and let the physics do the work.
[/li][li]Almost everything is physics-based. Use the fan weapon on the flag to make a hot air balloon, stomp on people jumping across a gap to make them fall to their death, and even grapple hook on to a rocket.
[/li][li]Tons of weaponry and powerups. Lots of physics-based ones like guns that shoot physical bullets, bazookas, grappling hooks, jetpacks, etc.
[/li][li]Easily create or download new gametypes, weapons, and powerups. Plug and play, drag and drop.
[/li][li]Tons of top-quality (some old classics too) custom maps are already made.
[/li][li]Custom entities make it easy to create interactive maps in Hammer. Anything from a on-use door to a flying carpet and rideable Yoshi.
[/li][li]Old maps are never left in the past when new weapons or powerups come out. Simply use the Tier system to set a powerup to a certain Tier. Any weapon or powerup in that tier will be randomly given to the person picking it up.
[/li][li]Multiple planes. Movement limitation is mostly handled in Hammer so you can create foregrounds, backgrounds, dungeons, or even crossroads.
[/li][li]Comes with a stripped version of the NoXiousNet map voting system.

No map pack yet, will upload one soon. Meanwhile, check and search for mario boxes.
You can also get all the current nox2d and smb maps from

Current known expansion packs
None yet!

Current known servers
(It’s actually in Chicago)

**Videos are kind of old.

Click HQ button to watch in high quality.



Screenshots. Click to go to gallery

Creating maps
Click here for the entities and how-to guide.


Gold star for you :smiley:

Oh man, I can’t wait for servers with overpowered weapons (This is for you [GU]) running Mario Boxes.

Anyway, thanks for releasing it jet.

Small bug in last release. Redownload if you already downloaded it.

Nice. I’m joining your game.

I wish the controls would be a bit more direct (More braking but also more accelleration on ground)

You’ll get used to it.

I found bug… (maybe only for me)

Halfheal use error model (something wrong with “models/items/healthvial.mdl”?)

Nice to see this released to public. Never really got into the gamemode myself, but it’s of great quality.

Nice. Not my fav game, but nice.

Amazing. Hopefully this will bring about more mappers for the gamemode now. ;D (Not like there isn’t enough maps already. Haha)

Definitely downloading it. :heart:

Awesome! Thanks JetBoom!

I found an awesome ‘undocumented feature’: You can grab the flag then blow the fan on it, and you FLY!

We all knew that, if we had ever played on the N-N server >:L .

Yeah that’s been common knowledge since the fan was created.

Was it on purpose?

:v: .

Anyone hosting a server somewhere in europe? <3

I’ve been watching this and I’m very excited that it has finally been released. Glad I got to be the one to write the article on too!

Got dynamic box faces. Eyes point where you’re aiming and the mouth smiles or frowns more depending on your health.

The maps are amazing but the hud needs some work