Super Mario Boxes



I’ve decided to release my Super Mario Boxes gamemode. It’s been on NoXiousNet since GMod9. This is a remade version.

Super Mario Boxes is a 2D, physics-based team combat gamemode. It’s 3D but you’re locked on the x axis.

[li]Two teams in a 2D battleground. Use the weapons and powerups or stomp on their head to defeat other players. Complete the objectives for whatever gametype you’re on. Currently there is Capture the Flag and Coin Collector.[/li][li]Easy to learn. Just join and play and let the physics do the work.[/li][li]Almost everything is physics-based. Use the fan weapon on the flag to make a hot air balloon, stomp on people jumping across a gap to make them fall to their death, and even grapple hook on to a rocket.[/li][li]Tons of weaponry and powerups. Lots of physics-based ones like guns that shoot physical bullets, bazookas, grappling hooks, jetpacks, etc.[/li][li]Easily create or download new gametypes, weapons, and powerups. Plug and play, drag and drop.[/li][li]Tons of top-quality (some old classics too) custom maps are already made.[/li][li]Custom entities make it easy to create interactive maps in Hammer. Anything from a on-use door to a flying carpet and rideable Yoshi.[/li][li]Old maps are never left in the past when new weapons or powerups come out. Simply use the Tier system to set a powerup to a certain Tier. Any weapon or powerup in that tier will be randomly given to the person picking it up.[/li][li]Multiple planes. Movement limitation is mostly handled in Hammer so you can create foregrounds, backgrounds, dungeons, or even crossroads.[/li][/ul]

Things to do before a release:
[li]Clean up and polish HUD.[/li][li]Create a system to cycle or vote for maps.[/li][/ul]

Current server

**Videos are kind of old.

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I like it.

HELL Yeah.

Man, I love this gamemode. It’s fabulous.
I’m glad to hear that you’re planning on releasing it!

My god, this is fucking badass.

Holy smokes, I didn’t think my day would get any better until now

This gamemode is pure fun, and I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to use it on my server soon!

oh wow, I remember this from the Gmod 9 days, thought it died.

cool, another boring ugly gamemode from jetboom

Great game.



Sorry had to fix that for you.

I remember this. It was fun for a little bit, but it got kind of old after a little while.

Also, JetBoom, make those images smaller. I’m on 1366x768 right now and I still have a horizontal scroll bar.

omg…I like Super Mario!!

Go back to GU, faggot.

Hey, I heard that there’s this cool button in steam, its called “server” and it lets your browse through all available gmod servers. cool huh? You should try it out.

I love it. Also very original :buddy:

Yay a decent game mode has finally come to be released. Atleast to the public that is.

Yeeeees. :buddy:

Quality shit. Wouldn’t except anything less from you, JetBoom.

It’s been there for a long time in NoxiousNet

Yeah I played this a lot for a while.

Wow. This looks amazing. Excellent work- I look forward to your release!