Super Mario Galaxy 2 Models?

I’ve seen the first Galaxy models ripped. What about Yoshi, and some of the bosses? I’d love to shoot screens of a Scout vs. Gobblegut or something.

Ya know, LuigiMario was working on the SMG1 and 2 models, but since Brawl got in the way, it seems like we need a new Mario ragdoll rigger to port them for us. If I know how to make ragdolls, then I shouldn’t’ complain about this.

I never said I quit galaxy models

Some guy named Jeztac was able to get a rip over on mariokart64n’s forums, I think.

The link’s the characters, but I haven’t looked at the files yet so I don’t know if they’re t-posed or anything.

Sounds good. You think you can take a crack at Gobblegut first? In case you don’t know, he’s the boss of the first world, the giant dragon.

I think I used to have a MatchBox playset that looked almost EXACTLY like that.

Uh, you know that is the Throwback Galaxy? (Whomp’s Fortress from SM64.)

Matchbox must’ve had some inside info from nintendo if they made something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that or Someone from matchbox got a job at Nintendo cause I had that set when I was like 9, and the 64 didn’t come out til’ i was in middle school.