Super Mario Galaxy Penguin?

so i know this is my first post and i know its kind of a noob thing to make the first post a request so apologies for this, but can someone please import this cute little guy from super mario galaxy? 1 or 2 since it looks like the same model from what i can tell. and im not sure how hard it would be since i have zero experience with models otherwise i’d do it myself

just a couple of pictures so you can see what im talking about.
i hope im not asking to much, but if someone can do it, i’d really appreciate it, me and my girlfriend just love these little guys :3

I can port its model, but I’ll have to do some work on the textures to make it look right. For whatever reason, its texture is grayscale and it has in-game colourization.

really? that would be great! sorry if it seems like any trouble, but it’s really awesome of you to offer to do it. If there’s anything i can do to help let me know, though i don’t know how much use I’d be with zero modeling skill =/

i know im bumping an old thread i made but no one was able to help me with this before, so is there anyone out there willing to give this a shot? its not really for me, its for my girlfriend cuz she really loves penguins ._.