Super Mario overworld tune

Well, I was bored one day and decided to recreate the Super Mario Song in Garry’s Mod using Wiremod.
I am using two synth/square.wav, a synth/tri.wav and synth/white_noise.wav, just like the original tune.
What you see here is my third attempt to recreate the song (you don’t want to hear the other two, they are shit).
Thanks to Masogir ( for creating the expression I used in this video.

Thats pretty dang cool and it comes with a light show. But there are parts where is glitches up. Also what hud mod are you using to see the name of the prop you are looking at?

Haha, that’s pretty awesome. Love the lights too.

Thanks, glad you liked it!
The hud mod I’m using is called Depthhud innline and Depthhud radar by Ha3:

Great Job man, vary nice!

Thanks for the links. Also I forgot to tell you that it gets a 4/5. -1 point cause of glitches here and there but still really really good!

amazing! must of taken you a long time to make that.

Great job.

Sweet. The guy on the wiremod thread you linked had some pretty awesome stuff too

Do more!