Super Mario Sunshine Level Imports For Tf2

Allo Everyone, for the longest time now I’ve been wanting to have some levels from semi-recent games available for TF2, with a few exporters I was able to get this .3ds file of Super Mario Sunshine’s Delphino Airstrip,

I have some issues regarding the vmf file to be exported but I’m still extremely amateur at mapping. Wallworm’s documentation is down at the moment and most if not all video tutorials are for earlier versions of his tools. I have exported the scene as a .vmf but once opened in Hammer nothing is there, not exactly sure what to make of this if any of you know what do? I mean I can export this whole thing as a .smd but that wouldn’t do much good in hammer editor, any work arounds? Help would be appreciated and credit given where credit is due. Thanks a ton

EDIT: This is basically a copy paste of this post in this forum, I was guided over here thanks to some nice people, all help is appreciated

Another request that should be over in the requests forum.

This is NOT a Request I already have this ported over myself, I’m just looking for advice/help/explanation to help me get this into the Hammer Editor

Use this as a reference, and make the things you can out of brushes, so it gets baked in lightmaps.

Hey, I loved that game. Can’t wait to play on it in TF2.

Got any help to offer :3?

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That’s not how you bump.
For now, just make it one large model, w/o collision, and I’ll try my best to make it out of brushes. The stuff I leave not made of brushes, just assume that that is going to be the model part of it.

Pm meh wid it. and go rip some F-Zero GX models and materials while you are waiting.

If GX has similar file formats as Sunshine’s I’ll try my best, I’ll have the sunshine location for you by tommorow

Nintendo has used the same model format way back to the N64 era.

The tools used to view them are different however, I know windwaker, Mario Galaxy Series, and Mario Kart Double Dash use the same tools albeit small differences to prevent corrupt files

You could try looking to see if the “Wall Worm Tools” can help you.

Why’re people rating him dumb? He knows what he’s doing.

Because people tend to do what everyone else is doing, it’s hardwired into your brain. but the smarter ones tend to think for themselves, such as yourself.

I would do what someone else said, try to make what you can out of brushes in Hammer and work on the models after

You’ll have to export the details of the map(like the plane) as models and then redo the big stuff (Walls, terrain) in hammer to get proper lighting and collisions. Unless you already found a way to export it as a vmf properly, Even though I can’t see how that would be possible.

Rate me late too if you want to but there is not much we can help you with. You can’t just convert a 3ds into a map.