Super Noob Question(s)

Thanks for taking the few seconds to answer my incredibly dumb question(s. probably more to come)

  1. Lets say I make a motor or thruster, and the force value is 500. how can I change it to 600 without deleting it making a new one?
    EDIT>> 2. How can I grab models from my L4D2?
    Thanks in advance for helping me with my stupidity.

Your best bet is to just use the remover tool and make a new one or (for the thruster) just add another one with a value of 100.

You can click on it again with the different value and it should update it

okay, thanks, thats for thrusters, but what about motors? I was making helicopters the other day, and I wanted to change the speed, but didn’t know how.

I think it was right click with different value’s

okay, thanks, I’ll try that.