Super old RTS game i don't remember the name of?

I remember, a few years back there was a server with an RTS gamemode on it, But there was like a hub, Where you could buy upgrades and choose what game you wanted to join.
Does anyone remember the name of that server / gamemode?

Sassilization RTS? It got shut down but it’s coming back soon.

That’s the one!

Do you know when it will be back?

I think after Garry’s Mod big update. Not sure, but yeah it will be soon.

-IS- it coming back? Heard it’s not.

It wasn’t even that good.

I used to like the gamemode, but back then I played a lot more online. Now I just stay on my server or play single player.

Yeah, admins have confirmed it that Sassafrass is working on it.

Just because they say it’s coming back, it’s quite likely it won’t. There have been hardly any updates and Sassafrass seems like he’s quit.

Yeah, he said he’s been working on it… for the past year or two now.
The development updates were nice, I’d like to see more. Only then I’ll believe it.

The game could use more mechanics though, I did get a bit boring after you had everything.