Super Pistol

Delete this thread it was a dumb one

It’s nice that you try, but you should never release your first script.

why not?

Because everyones first script sucks and FP users rage when they see a thread about it.

nah i don’t care

'Kay, just informing you about the incoming shitstorm:v:

You should put your youtube video in [noparse]

[/noparse] tags, also you should use the image link that supplies when you upload. Here is yours:

So all it is, is the normal pistol but with a really high damage pretty much? Why release this? And why not in the swep section?

Ah, Ralle. You’re so much nicer than the average FP user.

Not really, I just hide my anger deep inside my soul:3:

its realy deathly

k thx


and how do you get it i’m kindo f a noob with the media so ho do you put the pic like thing


no this wasn’t a 5 second script

Bottom of download page on

Sorry for big image.

The term “5 second script” means that it would take an experienced lua coder 5 seconds to make (though it’s more like 5 minutes unless they have 1000 hands:v:) so even if it took you 5 hours/days/years to make this, it’s still a 5 second script.


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// Made By BummieHead
– Have Fun !
– Ver 1.0.0


Fuck, you are dumb.

aw shit