Super Quality Cloud Strife in Soldier Uniform

This is a work-in-progress by me. No ripping or porting here.

To-do/Fix List:

  • Hair
  • Face
  • Pauldron
  • Arms

Q and A:

Q: Why is the head censored?
A: Not satisfied with how it looks yet.

Q: When will this be released?
A: When I finish AND when someone actually volunteers to port it into Source.

This seems interesting, I look forward to seeing it.

You should apply smoothing to the face.

So whats so ugly about his face that we cant see it?

Maybe he didn’t censor the face and it actually does look like that.

You are right, that’s one blocky head

That’s a really weird render.

This reminds me of the (quite-lengthy) thread where someone made a Cloud Strife model from scratch. I remember following it, but I can’t remember for the life of me who made it. I’ll look it up.


Ah, it was Nii.

The torso looks really weirdly shaped and the legs are kind of long…

…but I don’t really know what/who/whatever Cloud Strife is. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks pretty awesome so far.


Yes i agree but i also have no idea who this is :L

Information about Cloud:


just google them :slight_smile:

By the rules of anime body proportions, his waist should be much thinner.

Have an agree to counter the barrage of dumb ratings you’ll get from FF7 fanboys.

FF7 sucks anyway.

Epicn,just epic.Keep working

Hell yeah, and the thread was at least a year old when he finally released it. I remember that was the first model I attempted to texture, and failed horribly.

The body structure seems kinda… square?