Super Simple Permissions System/API

So I needed a simple way of adding flags to a player that other scripts could use. It is mysql driven thus if you want to use a donation system you can use this in it. It also has functions as I needed it to be workable from lua scripts also.

Super simple install
Can be use with ANY gamemode
MySQL driven(tMySQL Module)

You can check it out at
Or download it at

For info on commands or functions they are here:

If you find an issue please report it over on github.

Looks great!

I’m currently working on a simple admin system, but was having issues with permissions. I’ll definitely use your system as a reference or incorporate it entirely. Don’t worry I’ll be sure to give credit where it is due!

Go for it.

Updated the files with some examples of what you can do with it.

Does this use the same API other permission systems use? I think it was CPPI or something like that.

Not directly but i can take a look at it. This is more or less for creating your own permissions.