Super Smart Constraint

A super welder to make even the larger contraptions more stable!

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Here is a new tool coded from scratch to create a much smarter way of building welds for your larger contraptions.

How it works:

Left Click: Select props to be welded
Left Click + Shift: Select prop and all connected.
Right Click: Starts the weld process.

Larger contraptions may take a while (sometimes minutes) depending on how many props you select.

More Info:
This tool creates a bunch of cross welds in an attempt to re-enforce welds. When selecting welds only the nearest props are selected to weld against, nocollides are only created for intersecting props, and welds are created for the props farthest point.

There is also an option to Parent the smaller props with a selectable weight option. This allows you to auto parent the small props that usely do not need physics such as the Wiremod chips.

I do not garentee this makes everything better, but it does help for most contraptions.

Warning: This tool does create a bunch of welds. However with testing on a busy server this has been used with great success.

Seems neat, but I’m not all too sure if there’s a major use for it. I’m definitely going to use it to get a bit more stability out of my chassis in my cars, but using it for the whole car (about 200 props) would be a bit strange and quite laggy (and very floppy). I mean, normally you’d have larger contraptions parented 95% and have about 5% unparented, which means it doesn’t actually take a lot of time to do the welding (maybe less than this tool) to do it manually.
I like the tool though, think I’ll use it.