Super Smash Bros. Brawl Models to Source Engine Model with Blender and .BRRES

Hey there! I’m trying to convert a Super Smash Bros. Brawl model into a source engine file using blender and .brres. I have the .pac file for the model and bones into .psk files, and the textures for the model are in the .tga format already. But, I’m having trouble. There’s a plugin for creating .smd files for Source Engine models for blender and all that, but I have on question. How would I purely get into the .psk files in blender itself so I could convert it into a .blend file? Any help is appreciated. Also, another question, should the .psk file be automaticall UV-mapped or will I have to re-map it for the source engine? Any help is greatly and sincerely appreciated. Cheers!

If it is a .psk file export from BRRES Viewer. I think it is Actorx Importer plug-in something, I saw they make for Blender too.

You need to import a model on your 3d program before you able to convert for Source.

Okay, bump, what do I do with .pcs files? They crash the BRRESViewer, and I believe those are either textures or animations. What do .pcs files do?

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Wait wait wait, I have the .mdl0 file for my model ready. How do I convert it to .blend?

BRRES Viewer could open only .brres format
I think each characters had animations, they’re store in “Motion.pcs” stand for, just open in BrawlBox, export .brres and open in BRRES Viewer.

Or you just open in Brawlbox and export model as .dae, there’s no method how to convert .mdl0 to .blend immediately, since .mdl0 were a raw model file used in-game.

Huh. With BrawlBox, I’ve tried exactly what you’ve told A Fghtr Pilot to do(I also want to import a brawl model into blender), and apparently, the .dae file, when imported into blender, doesn’t work. I might have to check the binary code to see what’s wrong.

Try Noesis re-export to various format