Super Smash Bros Melee Thread

What I heard that people have some interest for melee models so I decide to start out the thread here if yall don’t mind.

heres the site to start off, there will be more models soon.

Okay, I’m here and I agree, melee models would be very nice.

Why yes.

perfect for posing …and gmod is kinda lacking custom ragdolls…(tought it was a meele pack xD)

got more informations…

I going to slam me a bowl of -Bump- cereal.

any supports

I only wish that the melee models looked better. Oh well, it sucks because yes, I could just get the models from Brawl but some characters weren’t in Brawl.

like Roy for example…

Pichu & Mewtwo appears in Brawl as trophies, but Roy and Young Link shoud have to be extracted from Melee, bcz there´s not trophies on Brawl of them, and a BUNCH of the trophies appears in Brawl, some of them with changes (how Excitebike, they appear in 8-bit form, or Lakitu, that too appear in 8-bits form)

I have a model of Young Link but i’m having trouble figuring out where its from, the folder its in also has a melee link aswell.

I also have rips of Roy and Doctor Mario somewhere but as they are DXRipper rips they have no z values and are therefore flat (so not that useful).

Those models on the Models Resource site look like they could be useful, wont be rigged though :frowning:

Edit: Found 2 links that say they are the Dr Mario rip if you want to take a look


Nastalgia kicks in. Don’t let me down.