Super Smash Bros Wii U Models

So yes it has been over a month since the Wii U version of Super Smash bRos has been released. And I suppose thats about the right time to request for models from the game.
If so I’d like to see Link

Zero Suit Samus:

and Samus:

Considering the progress that’s been made in the Hyrule Warriors thread, I would assume it’s very possible once everything is figured out and the proper tools/extraction methods are worked out.

If someone can send me the model files, I’ll work on 'em. Until then, it’s an impossibility.

someone released Shulk, Pac-Man, Mega Man, and Mimicutie from the 3DS version (which surprisingly look higher poly than in the actual 3ds game to me) i don’t have the 3ds version to attempt any of that, from what i’m aware it requires some type of firmware. as for the Wii U version i would have no idea, but like he said about the Hyrule Warriors progress, possibly sometime soon.

That’s because they uploaded the higher poly version of the models. The game uses two types of models for each fighter: low poly and high poly. Low poly is regularly used in gameplay, but high poly shows whenever you pause the game or during a victory sequence.

That someone would be me (and Apoc Hedgie).

Nice job with that by the way. I actually made a brawl mod of a Shulkle using that Shulk and a Shuckle model you ripped, lol

How has that been going by the way? Have you ripped any more or have you been busy with the Hyrules Warriors ripping lately?

I’ll let this picture speak for itself.

And yes this is a worthwhile bump, it’s finally possible to get at 'em!

looks promising. does it maintain rigging, or is that simply a mesh?

It’s got the rigging set up (as well as the UV mapping, but it’s not shown yet as I don’t have the textures at the moment), but it’s currently set up using placeholder bones. As soon as I get the bone structure imported it’s more or less good to go.

rigging always seemed like a pain to get exported properly, but it’s amazing when it gets working. i’m anticipating the final results.

also, is there any interest in 3DS models? i’m mostly hoping for the model(s) for Master Core’s phases for a project i’m working on.

Some models I would be excited to see ripped would be Link, Lucina, Zelda, and Sonic. I’m curious to see if Sonic’s default costume uses the same texture format like in Unleashed/Colo(u)rs/Generations.

someone should try and rip the Hades and Megaman trophies,i think Hades is only on 3ds though

This is the problem with un swizzling if someone wants to look at it.

That looks pretty easy to fix, all you’d need to do is move every other row (starting at the second) of 32 pixels up above the previous set, and then every other column (starting at the first) of 64 pixels to the right by one. Even if that’s the best you can get with programming, it wouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to fix each texture.

I decided to give it a shot.

The biggest problem is that while it’s still pretty easy to fix, it’s not as simple as simply shifting columns over to another location, so it takes a little bit more to fix it, and when you’ve got the large amount of these textures in SSB4, a little bit of time kind of turns into a long time.

I’ve tried offsetting the selected columns and rows, that doesn’t seem to work out in gimp as the offset function moves the entire layer. I’m not sure how it is in Photoshop.

Someone want to try their hand at these. if there is a pattern i can apply it in programming.

Looks like the pattern is different for each texture in that file, maybe different texture resolutions have differing patterns?

2,7 and 8, 15 and 19 are all 256 x 256. However, they do not follow the same differing pattern.

For “2” and “8” it’s just a matter of flipping every other 32 pixel column.

For “7”…it’s a little tricky. First you need to flip every 64 pixel column, and then flip every 32 row.

I’m guessing that since “7” is the background of the eye, it has a different rule than the “foreground” of it.

EDIT: “15” follows a 64 column rule, that needs to be flipped.
“19” needs to have every 32 column flipped, and then every 32 row flipped.

1 - overall, flip every 32 column 512 x 512
2 - button, flip every 32 column 256 x 256
4 - face, flip every 32 row 512 x 512
6 - face, flip every 32 row 512 x 512
7 - eye, flip every 64 column, 32 row 256 x 256
8 - pupil, flip every 32 row 256 x 256
15 - hand , flip every 64 column 256 x 256
16 - cap L, flip every 32 column 256 x 256
17 - hat base? . flip every 64 column, 32 row 512 x 512
19 - eye base?, flip every 32 column, 32 row 256 x 256

I think it has to do with the order the game “draws” each item. It seems that the earlier something will get drawn, the more complicated it is. Can’t really tell for sure though.

Ok major breakthrough found out what they did :slight_smile: