Super Smash Bros Wii U Models

Or those who have no idea where to look. points to self

Search this with Google: smash wii u eur

Thanks. Trying it now.

hoooly shit. well, nice to know it’s possible to get his model at least. i’ll have to take a peek around and see if i can find it.

then i’ll have to figure out what that mess is made of…oh dear.

Here’s the contents of the model folder after using chrrox’s new script:

Fixed the last few errors with the script, now every single character imports without any issues!

…Now I just need a convenient method to extract the textures, then I’ll start with my first GMod pack.

Do you have the stages & omega forms extracted?

…Any reason Ièm getting errors when using the script?

do you have intentions to release the import script?

Yeah, as I mentioned earlier in the topic:

And also:

So basically, after Apoc and I release a pack of models each (before the end of the month), I’ll release my MaxScript for others to use.

It’s nice to hear that all the characters import without errors. But I have a few questions about the models and such.

  1. Do the models use vertex colors, and if so, when imported, are they kept?
  2. Do the models keep the rigging when you import them with the sript?
  3. Are parts of the models affected by physics messed up like Hyrule Warriors models? Or do they appear normal?
  4. Are the textures messed up similarily to Hyrule Warriors?
    Thank you for your time.
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. Thankfully, they don’t have that issue.
  4. Yes, with the addition of also having the tiling flip-flopped at times. Fun.

I have a question about the max script. Does it also import stages, items, assist trophies, pokemon, & trophies?

Ah, okay, so right now we can’t do anything with the extracted models. We wait for your MaxScript.

Stages, not yet (something makes 3DS Max have a heart attack, gotta fix that). Everything else, yes. Or at least all of the ones I’ve tried (around 75% of each).

Like I said, shouldn’t be too much longer. Don’t want to have someone else pop up outta nowhere and work/release on the exact same things as me. Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened. Or the second. Or third. Either way, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for me to release a few myself before I release the script to the public.

All right then. No biggie.

im pretty sure the stage files r somewhat different compared to the character/trophy models…

nice nice… sucks about #4 tho


I have the ISO, so I have every file extracted.

Alright then I’ll wait till you’re done with your script. Keep up the good work. I’ll do my best to support you.

Are there any plans for the animations?