Super Smash Brothers LOL

I give luigimario credit for the models(except the box on Luigi, that’s from CS:S).

Sonic’s facial expression adds the hilarity.

Tell me if you think it’s funny. If it’s not funny to you, it’s fine.

Those are horrible pictures and poses. It was not funny at all.



I’m not so good at GMod, so I don’t blame ya. I haven’t played it for a loooooong time, too, so I’m kinda getting back into the game.


I tried… :frowning:


Those posts you guys did were quick.

Trying to me is not a word when it comes to gmod, You either do it perfect or not. D:


floating ragdolls

blood spam


the list goes on

Read the forum rules thread, then come here and tell me what you did wrong.(To begin with).

Yeah, I need better poses.

At least I didn’t use flatgrass.


Yeah, I’ll fix those…


New pose for Sonic.

Removed Paint Panel(didn’t work), made Luigi raise his hand for help, added DoF, Motion Blur, Bloom, and Sun Beams.

How is it?

I’d pick a better map if I were you for a start.

My other maps don’t fit much.

Is it still good(besides the map)?

Title + username combination gave me the perfect image how this thread was like.

Yes, for a start I think you should lose sonic models, I hate them
And don’t pose on building maps, use CSS maps or so.

Hmm. I disagree on that one.

Like in an office, a dusty place, a Lego palace, or what?

If you run out of good maps do a scenebuild.

What in the name of Fretta is a scenebuild?!?!

Why would you add motion blur.

Why would you add a period and not a question mark?
Also, I have no idea why I would add Motion Blur…

It’s stupid anyway.