Super Smash Source Gamemode

Hello, I’m going to introduce my first gamemode :smiley:

Basically, it’s a Super Smash Bros but made for GarrysMod.

I don’t think I have to explain a lot for this gamemode, send everyone out from the map, increasing his percentage and getting points for it.

Actually there are not a lot of weapons but I will add more in the future. Also, I have to calibrate the damage of all weapons cause I think they do so little percentage, and I think that can make the game slow to kill and I have to fix some things like, when you shot with the HUGE your camera doesn’t move, and that’s is op xDDD

Here you can see a preview of the gamemode.(Sorry by the quality :C)

Soon I will put public servers so everyone can play, but meanwhile I’m still testing until I see it’s ready.

Aditional Info:
The video up there, is just a preview, I will update the gamemode with a lot of new content to make it funny and cool gameplay, I hope to show you new features past this weekend

The only thing making this “Super Smash Bros” is the maps. Other than that, this is a typical deathmatch.

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in other words, please don’t try to gain success by naming your gamemode after something famous yet unrelated

It looks like a deathmatch gamemode. Also, you posted this in Gamemode & Addon released and I don’t see any release at all…

Oh I thought here was the place to post even the previews, cause I saw another guy posting a preview of his gamemode xd.

Also, this is just a preview, and I can change it to not be only deathmatch, because I know playing the same thing again and again is tiring

Looks like a gamemode that hackers will play for sure.

In this case you have to set your thread icon to ‘Gamemode WIP’

Also, if this is a Super Smash Bros. parody it should at least have these iconic and
bright flashes at the edge of the screen when someone falls out of the map

Creating that should be your #1 priority from now on :v:

Was hoping to see SSB characters and movesets at the very least.


That’s very true, I will look to do that

I’m still a novice programming lua, but you gave me an idea, I will try to do the Smash Ball spawn randomly, and give the player who destroy it a temporary weapon with some ultimate move from some of the chars of the real game, like the luigi move, creating a sphere and making player dance the first time they enter inside the sphere and taking damage each second.

Also, seeing that you guys say, “it’s a deathmatch” I have thought on not making it only deathmatch, I will add some variances like, Team deathmatch, Target Rounds(Appear targets randomly on all the map, and when time runs out, the guy with more target destroyed win) and Boss Rounds(One guy is bigger(like giga bowser) and have to kill all the other players and survive).

I must thank you for all the feedback, I will try to update the gamemode this weekend

Despite these ideas of yours to expand the gameplay, it still would have absolutely nothing to do with Super Smash Brothers except for the maps.

It should at least be a sidescroller. This gamemode could go places, but right now, it’s just a gimmick. I’m not trying to put you down, and I understand that it’s your first gamemode. All I’m saying is that it’s too lacking to be anywhere near smash bros.

Then tell me what you want then, I wouldn’t have post the gamemode here if I didn’t wanted to hear suggestions of what ppl want. If through changes ppl start to like it, then the work is nearly complete to be released :v

I’m pretty sure the gamemode is based on the TF2 version of Super Smash Bros (which is exactly the same as this except it’s made a bit better no offense and it has more smash bros related stuff like random item drops) and not entirely on the original Super Smash Bros.

Here has random item drops too, but I should make them with the same model so you don’t know what you will get. I mean to make it a surprise