Super Sneaky Infiltration Device

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Super Sneaky Infiltration Device

[tab]Version:[/tab] 2

[tab]Description:[/tab] Otacon, i’m inside of a box…

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] An appericiation for cardboard and boxes.



Re-released it with the new sexy skin.

Now, you too, can pretend that you are a super duper double awesome rouge stealth mercenary with this latest piece of sneaking technology.

Ladies and gentlemen, i give you B.O.X:

Obligitory FAQ:

Q: Can i get into the box?:

A: No, because concave collision models fuck with my head.

Q: Why does the model subdirectory say Gmod Tower?

A: Because i’m on the tower dev team and i didn’t want to re-compile this.

Q: Metal Gear!?

A: Metal Gear.

Q: Who made that sexy sexy skin?

A: MacDGuy

“snake, is that a.cardboard box?” “i ust saw a man sneaking past under a cardboard box” “i just saw someone under a cardboard box, is he dead cell?”

Needs ‘The Orange’ reskin.

Otherwise, it’s awesome.

Yeah i know, but i only have Photoshop Elements. So i got my friend to do a re-skin:

Muuuuch better.

can your friend reskin it to the SSBB snake box?

Nice job :smiley:


Sure. I’ll get working on it now.


I came.
Now my dream for a Smash Bros. mod is one step closer to reality! :smiley:

why the fuck do i need a box written “orange” okay, i’ll put some oranges in the box, so what?

O MY GOD, METAL GEEEEEEEEAR! :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I finished the SSBB skin. I hope you guys like it.

Edit: In-game shot:

I’ll talk to Sunabouzu about getting it hexxed.

I’ve wanted to say this for forever.

I finally have “The Orange” box. :excited:

i’ve downed it, put it in the addons folder as is said in the readme, but it doesn’t show up! okay, the category ‘stealthy box’ shows up but it doesn’t have anything in it!

Snake : Like it was my destiny to be here; IN THE BOX!

Hmm, at least you can turn it into a vehicle. Welp time to run over people… with a BOX!

He forgot a bracket. You can wait for the new one or follow these instructions:

  1. Open “Stealth Box.txt” located in “addons\Stealth Box\settings\spawnlist”
  2. Add one “}” (close bracket) after the 5th line.

		"name"		"Stealthy Box"

			"model"		"models/gmod_tower/stealth box/box.mdl"

  1. Save and close.

Someone should make this a SENT which you can press use on and it turns you into the box so you can really sneak around in it. :smiley:

Or use model manipulator.

Ffffffuck. Well that’s what i get for not testing it. I’ll fix it soon and throw in the new skins.

Actually, we have a box sent for the GMod Tower. So you just have to wait for that.