Super swagg weapons of the death.

Hello. In first, i want to excuse for the english errors.
Does the devs are planning to keep the super clean and perfectly done weapons in the experimental version, make them more difficult to create (with a super workshop full of technology) or remove them ?

The military weapons are Unity Store stock assets and are placeholders. The devs are planning on making military weapons either very rare and difficult to obtain, or they’ll remove them from the game entirely. I don’t know that they’ve decided which of those two yet.

I think Kulan cited Minh Le to be working on new meshes for military weapons, although I don’t know if he was just quoting or citing a trello link so I dunno for sure.

In my opinion they should re texture the weapons to something more “handmade” and difficult the crafting of those weapons.

I believe that this would be the perfect solution to military weapons. Even though I love my m4 holo, I would appreciate a different approach to the survival genre.