Super Wire Mod

I decided to make my own wiremod,

Its designed for newbies at WireMod and will have comments everywhere and will feature some tutorials that link to youtube videos that hopefully will never get removed.

I finished the base of the wires so far, and by that I mean a button, a thruster, and a beam that emulates as a rope.

Currently designing the VGUI, here is what I’m currently working on:


You can’t see it, but there’s a mouse.
That menu has a fixed size and a scrollbar. When pressing the buttons you will send the concommand, “setswireoutput OUTPUTNAME”

Each output/input will have a definition that you can set.

SendHat is a filler output, it does nothing.

Just posting here to say what I’m doing.

Sounds pretty cool :slight_smile:

At this point, I wish WireMod would become it’s own game and separate completely from the GMod community.

I don’t understand the hate towards wire. It makes the impossible, possible. There’s so many things you can’t do without wire.

There’s a few different sides to wire.

Wire mod does let you make some pretty cool stuff. It’s nice to have automatic sliding doors that can easily be modified without re-doing the entire frame work. Example the standard Hydraulic stool to the wire version.
However it’s when people to begin to depend on wire mod for the entire contraption. When I join a server, i’ll look around to see what others are building, and half the time there’s a small group just staring at a wire chip, and totally ignore you because they’re too busy getting this particular prop to 0.001 accuracy as it rotates. Things get too perfect.
Not to mention the amount of people that think they’re smarter than you both in GMod and mathematically because they can use wiremod.

A better discussion of the whole thing can be found here, and don’t look at the ratings, there are some pretty good points made.

I was planning on creating an ENTIRELY NEW GAME because GMod is tainted with idiot circuitfaggots, I mean wiremodders.

The project was codenamed Lua: Source.

Garry’s Mod Plus started out as a way for me to attempt to restore justice to GMod, however lately, I feel like disassembling the addon and leaving the community. I currently have too many issues to balance on top of programming.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling / homophobia" - mahalis))

Don’t ditch Gmod+ D=

Reason for that sentence is during the time of post, wire mod casted a sheet over all of GMod for contraption building. There was so little decent contraptions that weren’t made by wiremod and everyone was circle jerking over their expression gates.

Was? Am I the only one that still does? D:

Yeah, there needs to be some totally awesome mod that emasculates, ostracizes, and completely owns wire mod…

Also, can these contraptions (automatic doors, etc.) be done outside of wire? I don’t support it or anything, I can’t even figure out how it works.


Follow your little sheepy herd of wiremod ruining G-mod over to that thread as the kind yellow pedestrian has told so.

EDIT: OooOOooh LUA:Source eh?
I luabinded the source engine too. Even created my own custom functions for Vectors in C++ and binded it to lua. Very easy to do, takes less than a second. All you do is run luabind at gamerules.cpp

Release the sweps standalone first >:(

Back to the topic:

Are you re-doing the entire Wiremod from scratch?
If you are (IF), why don’t you just add comments, while keeping the original Wiremod engine?

I like it. :3

Reminds of the Gamemaker Events (On Key Pressed, On Key Released etc). Looking very nice.

Make the scroll wheel scroll the outputs.

This new wiremod thingy looks a lot neater and tidier than the other one.
I like it. I hope it doesn’t get bloated.

I hope everything is explained a bit, just like in the screenshot. It’ll help people get more interested in wire at the start, and then it’ll keep them interested in it to create more complicated things.

Nothing done in wire can’t be done in Vanilla GMod. It’s just a lot harder, and you feel better about making simpler contraptions.

Teleporting auto-aiming explosion bots can be made in Vanilla GMod?