SuperAdmin vs Admin

Whats the main difference between a SuperAdmin
and /or Admin in terms of Admin Powers ?
Simply put Which Administrative tasks are unavailable
to an Admin?

I’d imagine an admin has abilities to kick, ban players, and most things, but unlike a superadmin, won’t have access to server settings.

superadmin can change values like sv_cheats and sv_gravity


if they’re hosting


if they aren’t then they would be able to change it via whatever admin mod is being used

Both the above posts are wrong.
The power differences between Super Admins and Admins depend on the admin mod. Whoever made the admin mod in question can decide which powers to give to who, or if they made a custom rank system, the host of the server can decide.
Wouldn’t surprise me if there are some admin mods where “Super Admin” or “Admin” doesn’t exist, and are called something else.

Yeah that’s true. But, if we use Citrus as an example, Super Administrators can use RCON and change server settings and groups and their members.
An Super Administrator is often more rightful when it comes to server settings and management. An usual Admin should only protect the server and help the players. And sometimes make the server more fun to play on.
I have my self experienced the power of both Super Admin and Admin on 3 different servers. I have used Citrus/ULX/Assmod/Evolve/NewAdmin. And as Divran said, they are very different. But I only consider Citrus as a true advanced admin mod with the right values of Super Admins, Admins, and so on.