Superadmins on my server join as swats and cant really change job

I dont really know when we got this problem. But when superadmins join they automatic becomes swat, and even if the change job it wont really help because if they die theyll become swat again? And no we dont have any lua errors

Post your jobs file.

Are you using ULX? It’s probably UTeam conflicitng with DarkRP, and it’s setting the superadmins to the SWAT team where in sandbox it’d have a superadmin team.

And how do i stop the “problem”

Open up !menu, go to the “groups” tab, select Superadmin, and set the team dropdown to none.

Thank You! Really mean it. :smiley:

So it worked? :dance: [del]You should mark the thread as solved if it did.[/del] (not in help & support, sorry!)