SuperCitizen [They support us huh]

A bit choppy and gets a little boring but otherwise good.

Gives me hope that GMod machinima isn’t about flinging ragdolls about and abusing faceposer

The parts where you used HAT were all obvious but this is a good video! U go girl


That was really good considering how hard it is to make a quality machinima

Great video guys, keep up the work. It was amazing!

The cinematography was kinda weak, good music choice but you didn’t made the clips fit into it perfectly.
Still it’s very good.

What I can see if you keep doing this videos you’ll be a great machinima one day or even better, an see this easily and I think the others do the same.

Good luck

Even though it could have been better, especially the HAT parts, it was a very good machinima. I like it when a serious Gmod video is released.

Hope this isn’t the last we see of you!

Wow, thanks for the comments. :slight_smile: